Shaolin-Do Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Chinese Martial Arts for Kids, Teens & Adults

Imagine a martial art that not only offers effective self-defense and mind-body fitness, but helps you master life's daily challenges. Imagine being an integral part of an ancient, but living tradition that teaches techniques relevant for today's world.


These secrets have been developed, refined, and passed down for over 1,500 years by the famous Shaolin Temple monks of China. Today, they are shared with people like you who simply have the desire for personal growth and self-mastery.


At Shaolin-Do we help you discover your true warrior self. Our teaching philosophy is based on the belief that strength comes from within. Our wellness approach focuses on health, fitness, personal development, and personal safety. It is why we are Northern Virginia's choice for top quality martial arts instruction.


I have plenty of good  memories, it’s been a joy to feel apart of this community and sharing an interest in the martial arts. 
Overall I think, Kung fu and tai chi are more fun then going to a gym!   Meet so many great people, very exciting!

Latest best experience; doing yang 24 at tai chi speed and sensing my body & breath in balance.

Greatest personal accomplishment; testing for Tai Chi Black sash , passing to Black sash and recently being told I’m a Black belt( actually I’m 2nd brown in Kung fu).

Thanks for sharing your life’s passion!

I think one of my most memorable moments at Shaolin Do came when you were teaching a kids class explaining to them, that Kung Fu is like a treasure (Paraphrasing here,
so I am sorry if I don't get it exactly the way you said it or meant to say it). And that they needed to think of it that way and guard it as such. I thought that not only was that a very
profound statement, but accurate as well. Kung Fu is not only a great exercise for the mind, body and spirit, but it could actually save your life one day, so yes, you were correct,  it is a treasure.
 Thank you for all you have taught me these past 4 years. I have really enjoyed your class. All of the instructors are excellent as well. Keep up the great work.

Spring Session for students under 18 begins on April 1.

Pre-K - ages 4-5.5

Junior - ages 5.5-6

Kids - ages 7-10

Teens - ages 11-17

Open Enrollment begins on March 1

Darlene Thom
Frank Pastorkovich
Kids Kung Fu
Operating Status

Shaolin-Do is closed until further notice.


Regularly enrolled students can visit the Training Room for links to zoom classes and resource material to support practice at home. Check your inbox for the email with the password.

New adult students can take a free trial class or sign-up for an entire month by going to our MindBody site to submit a waiver form and to create an account. Select an amount in the pay-as-you-can drop down selection.  After completing the sign-up, you'll receive a link (and password) for the page where you'll find the schedule and zoom links.

Self-defense Workshop

Join us for a special self-defense workshop taken through Zoom. 

Sunday, April 19, 4:00-4:45 pm

Pay-as-you-can starting at $20

After your sign-up, you'll receive a confirmation email with the login information and password.

Shine Your Light
Community Meditation/Prayer

Sundays 9:00-9:30 pm

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