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Shaolin-Do is the traditional art passed down from the Shaolin Temple warrior monks of China. We carry the legacy of 1,500 years of training in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Like the temple monks, we use martial arts to develop self-discipline in pursuit of personal growth and self-mastery.

The Shaolin-Do Association

The mission of the Shaolin-Do Association (SDA) is to preserve the arts of the Shaolin Temples of China, develop the mental and physical abilities of its members, provide a community for its members and their families, and instill a spirit of excellence in our endeavors.


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Upcoming Events

Masters from Across the country visit our school often sharing their wisdom over the years or special forms to them. Traditionally, Seminars with Master Joseph Schaeffer occur in the fall and seminars with Grandmaster Sin Thé in the Spring. Stay tuned for details!

Sin Kwang Thé

Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé, the youngest Grandmaster in 1,500 years of Shaolin history, oversees the progress of thousands of Shaolin students across the country and overseas. He has mastered over 900 forms and 100 fighting systems. 


Master Thé is part of a remarkable lineage of Grandmasters who have protected the art to enable future students to train. He is a true Master of Life.


History of Shaolin-Do

The Shaolin Temples were equivalent to modern day universities. Masters specialized in a particular area of knowledge and skill. These styles were often based on mimicking animal movements in an attempt to capture some of the fighting spirit and methods.

Over the course of time, these movements were codified in kata, or forms allowing the for the transmission of the art from teacher to student.

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Student Curriculum

Preview one of the most comprehensive martial arts curricula you'll ever see. Shaolin-Do teaches animal forms like tiger, crane, monkey and mantis. Weapons include broadsword, butterfly knives and chain whip. Two-man sets from praying mantis, Hua Fist and Hsing-I. Internal forms include Yang style Tai Chi, Chen style Tai Chi and Pa Kua Chang.

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Online Store

Students can purchase quality merchadise online like sparring gear, uniforms and training weapons from our school store. Pick-up is usually available same-day.


We only sell merchandise that we have personally tested for durability, comfort, performance and quality.

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