Basic Skills & Conditioning

Students love this class because it's intense yet scalable for Kung Fu novices and advanced black belts alike. This basic workout doesn't require memorization of forms, wearing a belt or testing. Gain explosive strength. Develop core strength and flexibility. Build toughness in the mind and body.

Leave a dent in one of our kick shields, not your wallet. Come every week or whenever it works with your fitness routine. Perfect for runners, yogis or active people who like to try different activities for balance in their fitness life.


Burn Calories 

​We sweat profusely in this class so we suggest that you hydrate well and bring a bottle of water and a towel. 

The class starts out with exercises to warm up your muscles and increase your heart rate. Then we kick it into high gear with exercises like bag work, focus mitts, push-ups, frog leaps, leg squats and ab crunches. Then we gear down a bit for partner stretching and resistance training before finishing class with light-contact sparring (or no-contact for beginners).

Gain Confidence 

​Not ready to be a part of the white belt class because you think you're too out of shape? Get some conditioning classes under your belt and you'll quickly develop the leg strength, stamina, coordination and balance to hang with any beginner class. 

Kick Butt 

Toughness is in the mind as much as it is in your body. Even without learning the traditional part of the art, you'll discover your inner tough guy/gal when you have to reach deep down to throw those last few kicks or punches.

A sampling of exercises:
Bag work. Frog leaps. Jump rope. Partner stretching. No-contact/light-contact sparring.​​ Reaction & footwork drills. Ground work. Breathing exercises. 

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