1st Road of Bodhidarma's Stick

Shao Lin Ta Mo Chang Ti Ie Lu

Simple yet Effective

This form is a nice introduction to cane techniques. For beginner students, the weapon is a little easier to handle than bladed, flexible or long weapons. For intermediate and advanced students, it is a chance to train with a unique weapon for a change of pace. 


Although it is a simple weapon, the cane has great versatility in its uses. The 1st Road teaches smacking, hammering, thrusting, hooking and blocking moves. 

Train your Mind

As with all the exercises we do in Kung Fu, we train our mind to train our bodies. Students from beginner to advanced always benefit from practicing new forms, challenging the brain to learn and retain moves.

Sunday, Aug. 10

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


$35 - fee only (no cane)
$50 - includes Rattan Cane
$65 - includes Bodhidharma's Cane

Open to all levels.

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