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Due to the concerns with COVID-19 we are only hosting Online Classes at this time for kids.

Enrollment is now open. Session Starts August 1, 2020.

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At Shaolin-Do, we use martial arts as a tool to teach children that hard work, perserverence, and facing one's fears are the only real keys to success in life. We instill a love of exercise that stays with them throughout childhood and into adulthood. Through learning traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, children learn to avoid conflict, develop strong character and gain self-esteem.

Attention & Focus

​We specialize in helping kids clear their minds from distractions so they can concentrate, learn and succeed. Our lessons are designed to challenge students mentally as much as physically resulting in calm, focused and disciplined individuals. These qualities often carry over into academic and social settings.

Self-Awareness & Self-Esteem 

​​Kids who learn martial arts become comfortable in their own skin and carry themselves confidently through life. Students are constantly met with challenges, but are given the tools and encouragement to overcome the underlying obstacles - fear and doubt. They are taught that seemingly enormous problems can always be broken down into simpler steps and that patience and persistence will result in eventual success.

Respect & Honor

In Kung Fu, we are always bowing. It is a constant reminder that we should respect others, whether they are peers or elders, friend or foe, same or different. It is also a sign that we respect ourselves and are proud to be a part of a tradition that values ethical behavior, compassion, honesty and integrity. It is our code. It is the Way of Shaolin.

Fun, Fitness & Friends

​No doubt Kung Fu is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting in shape and making life-long friends. We teach ancient animal styles like Crane, Monkey, Tiger and Mantis. We also train in weapons like nunchaku, staff and broadsword (the foam and wooden kind, of course!). This type of curriculum promotes creativity, imagination and, of course, very good hand-eye coordination, all good things for growing minds and bodies.

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Shaolin-Do is owned and operated by parents and long-time Arlington residents Maiky and Claire Tran.

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