Adult Kung Fu

Traditional Shaolin-Do Kung Fu incorporates animal and weapons forms, effective self-defense and personal empowerment. As an exercise, it engages your core, increases your overall flexibility, improves your memory and builds functional strength. Experience real, lasting and transformational results.

Strength & Flexibility

Martial arts training offers functional strength of the entire body and core. Your muscles are engaged in powerful and explosive movements, but with a strong emphasis on balance, control and technique. 

Stretching exercises, kicking drills and stance work give you lean and flexible muscles that are less prone to injury and promote good overall health.

Focus & Awareness 

​Learning empty hand and weapons forms in Kung Fu will improve your mental acuity and enhance your spacial awareness. The result is a more focused and balanced you. More importantly, you'll truly be whole because your mind and body will learn to work in harmony.

Sparring exercises take it one step further and send you into a "no-mind" state where you perform at your best with improved reaction speed, coordination, balance and agility.

Self-defense & Self-control

In our class, you'll find out that self-defense is much more about self-control and less about punching and kicking. You'll learn how to observe, assess, react, execute and adjust. Most of all, you'll learn to act with calmness, clarity and confidence.

We use real-life situations like head-locks and wrist grabs to teach you joint locks, pressure points and the use of leverage in self-defense.


Health & Longevity

Our tradition comes from a long lineage of Shaolin Temple monks who lived simply but experienced life fully. Lessons incorporate mental as well as physical personal care. Your "external" training progresses to "internal" training over the months and years that leads to a long, healthy life.

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