New Student Guide (Non COVID-19)

First Class
Please arrive 15 minutes early. Place your shoes on the rack by the front door. We have a comfortable changing room upstairs and plenty of safe storage space for your personals.

Wear comfortable exercise clothing that is not too restrictive. It should allow a full range of movement including stretching and kicking. We practice barefoot on padded mats.

Please turn off your cell phone ringer. If you are late, enter quietly and one of the instructors will show you how to go about joining the class in session.


Students should bow with a fist (right hand) and palm (left hand) touching in front of the chest when entering the mats and leaving the mats (backing out). As a sign of respect, when lining up for the formal kneeling bow to start and end class, students may line up next to or behind but never in front of a student of a higher rank. Students will be called to stand up by rank (beginner students are White Belt).

The fist and palm (Shaolin salute) signify that you are now prepared in mind and body to practice with purpose, patience and awareness. It also is a sign of your humility balanced with your martial ability - Yin & Yang.


Relax and Enjoy
There is no pressure to remember anything in your first class or perform at a certain standard. Whether you're a beginner or have experience, it's just the first day of many more to come. Enjoy the class. Sweat a little. Breathe a lot. And let your mind and body find its connection.


Kung Fu Basics

To get you kick-started, we've put together this simple lesson on

kicks, punches and stances.

Go ahead, try it out!

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