Arlington Shaolin-Do

​an Arlington tradition since 2002 


​Our school is a vibrant, friendly community of people who seek to grow personally through the daily challenges of learning, practicing and mastering the traditional art of Shaolin.

Students range from ages 4 to over 60. They come from vastly different walks of life - school children, teachers, college students, artists, scientists, waiters, lawyers, military officers, entrepreneurs and engineers - yet they all share the same interest in their pursuit of self-mastery.

We don't seek 90-day results. Instead, we believe that meaningful and real transformation can only occur through mindful, purposeful and persistent effort over long periods of time. Because the journey matters more than the destination. And facing the inevitable struggles that occur along the way is what makes us truly strong.

The owners and head instructors, Sifu Maiky Tran and Sifu Claire Tran, are long-time Arlington residents who are dedicated to providing the finest instruction with the highest levels of commitment, caring and integrity.

We invite you and your family to become a part of ours.



Sifu Claire Tran & Sifu Maiky Tran


Arlington Shaolin-Do is an affiliate member school of the Shaolin-Do Association. Sifu Maiky Tran is a fourth degree black belt and a certified instructor under the Shaolin Grandmaster Sin Kwang The with over 7,000 hours of teaching experience over 11 years.

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