If you seek a more customized learning environment, private lessons might be your path. We'll begin with an interview to find out what you're hoping to achieve. In your personalized lessons, we'll take you from ground level up so you have all the necessary fundamentals for success. 

Scheduling Flexibility

Except for Weeknights and Saturdays when I'm teaching, I have considerable flexibility to work with your schedule. We can set a regular day and time or change it up week to week according to your needs.  

Instant Feedback & Adjustment 

Individual instruction is great because it allows me to watch your movements closely and make some small adjustments that keep you moving on the right track.

Privacy & Pace

Many students enjoy a private setting because it allows them to learn at their own pace and not worry about holding up a class. Others enjoy it because it allows them to spend more time on certain areas of training that they may feel are weaker (leg strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, coordination...)

Private Lessons

You've always wanted to learn Kung Fu. So block your calendar and get a jump start. Start your personal journey today.

Private Lesson


A sampling of my past private students:
author with irregular hours, busy traveling executive, out-of-state college student, long-distance student, triathlete, law enforcement agent, entrepreneur, physician


Private lessons can be a great way to get into martial arts without the pressure of keeping up with group class. These individual sessions can help you build the strength and confidence to join other beginner students at some later point.

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