Shine Your Light

Sundays 9:00 pm EDT

Zoom link

Join us for 20 minutes of group meditation, prayer and mindfulness. Light a candle for unity, hopefulness, strength, health, remembrance or whatever it means to you. This is a public event so you are welcome to forward it to friends and family. 

Instructions for Sunday evening.

1. Prepare a quiet, dimly lit space where you can sit, lie down or stand comfortably in quiet mindfulness.

2. Light a (safe) candle...let's not have any fire incidents! Light one for each member of your household in addition to one for yourself. AND, if you want to include somebody in your life who is struggling with a COVID-19 illness, somebody in health care whom you want to honor, or someone whom you wish to memorialize, please feel free add a candle for them.

3. Join the Zoom meeting at 9:00 pm on Sunday night. Five minutes will be dedicated to silent greetings.

4. You will hear a chime at 9:05 pm to indicate the session is starting. At this time, you can point the camera at your candle and maybe take a moment to soak in the moment. Then move to your quiet meditation/prayer space. 

5. You will hear a second chime at 9:25 pm to indicate the session is ending. At this time, feel free to point the camera back to yourself or your family and simply sit quietly so we can really appreciate seeing your lovely face(s). We understand that you may have the inclination to speak, but we hope to maintain a reverent nature during this event. Smiles and waves are good! We will quietly end the meeting at 9:30 pm.

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