Kick Clinic & Sparring Seminar

Walk away from this session confidently and with a renewed path towards sparring mastery

Refine your kick

In the first segment, we'll work on some exercises that will help you with balance, reach and quickness, all skills that will give you an advantage in sparring.


I'll teach you how to fully commit to each kick in a way that doesn't leave you feeling vulnerable in a match.

Improve your sparring 

Your overall sparring skill will only improve with clear path with deliberate adjustments. Nothing happens by accident. 

I'll help you find some things that you can adjust right away to help you neutralize your opponent so that you can you take advantage skills you might not be using.

Tap into your skills

You work hard to develop speed, accuracy, timing and power in your kicks and punches. Now comes the next step which is to tap into the strengths you already posses.

Sparring then becomes much more a mind game and psychological chess match than a physical confrontation. But first, you must learn to trust in yourself.

Sunday, August 28

12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
all levels, ages 12 & up

* if registered by August 21

Tune-up your kick, unleash your sparring skills. Discover a new perspective. Open your mind.

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Great for...
  • Young students who are trying to understand how sparring fits into training

  • Beginners who want a solid introduction to sparring practice

  • Intermediate students who are beginning to sharpen their soft skills

  • Advanced students who seek to refine their sparring skills and stand apart

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