Sparring Seminar

Tap into your primal instincts. Reinvent yourself. Learn from a true Master. 

Connecting the Dots

​When you practice forms, bagwork or kicking/punching technique, you are building hard skills. Sparring is the synthesis of those hard skills. But sometimes, it's difficult to bring all of that to fruition.

Master Schaefer is a Master at helping you draw upon what you already have and take advantage of the unused parts of your brain!

Lessons for the Youth 

​At Shaolin-Do, we care about teaching our young students real lessons that they can use in Kung Fu and in life. And we're experts at it. 

Don't let your kids miss this special opportunity to train with a Senior Master that has taught thousands of students young and old and has produced hundreds of black belts.

Exploring the Untapped

"How can you hit and think at the same time?" - baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra

When you watch somebody work their opponent like a cat playing with a mouse, you know that there must be something going on that's more than just pure athleticism. Somehow, that person has tapped into an subconscious state that allows them to anticipate, react and perform at a seemingly superhuman level. Master Joe will help you make strides towards this state.

Feb 22

10-11 AM Kids
11 AM-3 PM Adults
(w/lunch break)

$35 kids / $65 teens & adults

pre-reg. price deadline - Feb. 15

late reg. $40 (kids) & $75 (teens/adults)

Tune-up your sparring skills. Discover a new perspective. Open your mind.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

Great for...
  • Young students who are trying to understand how sparring fits into training

  • Beginners who want a good introduction to sparring practice

  • Intermediate students who are beginning to sharpen their soft skills of timing, distance control and anticipation

  • Advanced students who seek to refine their skill through internal training


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