Adult Tai Chi

Tai Chi invigorates the spirit and relaxes the mind and body through deep breathing and gentle movements. Explore the body's natural mechanics while improving your posture and reducing stress.

Learn to live in the power of the moment.

Stress Reduction

The flowing, gentle movements of Tai Chi teach you how to relax your musculature and gain a sense of total awareness. Exercises incorporate deep diaphragmatic breathing which promotes total body relaxation.

Balance and Strength

Tai Chi's slow movements and wide stances build lower body strength while the focus on finding your center will improve balance.

Increased Energy

​Whether you're practicing Yang style or Chen style, both of which you will learn here, you will restore vitality into your daily life. We teach you how to cultivate "Qi" or life force through your practice. You'll think with more clarity, act with more purpose and live with more awareness.

Health & Longevity

Tai Chi appeals to today's health and fitness conscious person because it strengthens the body, sharpens the mind and calms the spirit. These are benefits that few other activites can offer.

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