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Teen class is FULL for the Spring Session.

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Our Teens program is unique because we are guiding the transformation from a young adult to a mature adult who is ready to face the world and its challenges.

We teach our teens with strong leadership, inspiration and calm motivation. Watch your teen grow up with us.

Courage, Confidence & Self-Esteem

​Young people face all sorts of pressure from their peers, teachers, parents and society. Kung Fu teaches them to develop their own strengths and to feel proud of their personal achievements. Our students have a great amount of self-respect and carry themselves as such.

Safe & Functional Fitness 

​​The safety aspect of martial arts comes from the idea that we are essentially practicing the art of self-control. This means that instead of working towards the goal of winning a match or game, students are constantly moving towards a state of mindfulness. This state of being present affects the way they do forms, practice weapons and spar. Meanwhile, they build strength, flexibility, balance, quickness and endurance. 


Young adults want nothing more than to belong whether it's to a family, team, club or tribe. What better than to belong to a rich tradition that stretches back 1,500 years and is known for embodying honor, respect, loyalty, generosity and compassion. Through learning and following the martial arts path, students become a strong link in this tradition and learn to be the ones who uphold it and pass it along.

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Locally owned by parents
Shaolin-Do is owned and operated by parents and long-time Arlington residents Maiky and Claire Tran.

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Focus and Attention

Martial Arts training requires the utmost presence of mind and body. By learning forms, practicing weapons and engaging in free-style sparring, students are constantly improving their ability to calm their mind, keep it from wandering and solve problems in creative ways.

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