In-house Tournament

Challenge your greatest opponent...yourself. 

Sharpen your skills

When you decide to perform your forms in front of judges (or a crowd!), something arises within you that you never knew existed. Go ahead, find the warrior within!

Spar like a champ

Win or lose, point sparring is one of the best ways to improve your skill and test your ability to react and to adapt. Every student who spars in a tournament walks away with valuable lessons and grows in ways that can't be measured and can't be attained in any way.

Be a part of the tradition

For many years, Grandmaster Thé has held a Shaolin-Do-wide competition in Lexington, KY. He still does, every September. It is called a festival because it is a celebration of our community, brotherhood and age-old traditions.


In this, our 15th year in Arlington, we are introducing this tradition so you can take part. Don't miss this opportunity. We need you, the heart of our school, to be present!

Saturday, Aug. 9

9 AM - Doors open
10 AM - First event

$15 register

Divisions: Teens, White-Green Belts, Brown Belts, Black Belts

Test your sparring skills. Sharpen your forms. Face your fears and doubts.

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