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Side Kick


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Basic Stances


Virtual Kung Fu & Tai Chi

updated: 9/27/20

Dear Friends,

We are excited to have you join us. Through this journey, you'll gain strength, vitality, flexibility, balance, and courage. You'll also learn to deal with stress, anxiety and fear. 

All this will be taught through techniques and movements that will challenge your mind and body. Our instructors are eager to help you get started on building good habits and sound, fundamental technique.

Our Virtual (Zoom) Class Schedule

Adult Kung Fu
Mondays & Wednesdays 7-8 pm
Sundays 12-1 pm

Adult Tai Chi

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8 pm
Sundays 10-0:45 am

PLUS: You will have access to instructional videos for training at your own pace. Scroll down to see a few teaser videos.

We are currently not adding new students through this site at this time, please contact us to be added to the new school mailing list.


Be strong and be well,

- Master Maiky Tran

Recorded Videos

Tai Chi

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