Bring in a self-defense expert for your next wellness event, employee training or conference. We cover prevention skills, awareness exercises and street-smart techniques to get you out of trouble.

On or off-site 

​Our clean, spacious studio can handle small or large groups. We are also well-equipped with focus mitts and kick shields for safe practice.

We are also available to come to your location in the DC metro area for weekday or weekend sessions.


Our experienced team will customize the lesson to your group's needs according to the size, age and objective. Rather than teach a lot of theory, our goal is to arm participants with some basic knowledge and effective skills that they can walk away with.

Recurring lessons

We're pretty good at teaching complete, but memorable lessons in limited time frames. However, if your schedule and budget allow, we suggest that you talk to us about setting up a series of lessons or recurring lessons that let the participant build on what they learn.

Self-defense Workshop

Be street smart. Learn to be aware. Gain confidence.

group workshop


A sampling of exercises:
Animal forms​. Weapons forms. Two-man sets. Parter stretching. Light-contact sparring. Self-defense. Bag work. Strength training. Conditioning. Reaction drills. Breathing exercises.

Health & Longevity

Our tradition comes from a long lineage of Shaolin Temple monks who lived simply but experienced life fully. Lessons incorporate physical, mental and spiritual personal care. Both "external" and "internal" training are essential to having a fine balance that leads to a long, healthy life.

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